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Secchiello fiori "Primavera"

gift ideas : 
particular composition of fresh flowers in a beautiful painted metal bucket available in various colors and reusable.
The flowers are kept fresh by a special sponge that can retain water for several days.
The flower arrangements can be red roses, freesias, hyacinths or tulips in available in various colors.
The sechiello is equipped with a very practical handle. The spring bucket is an original gift idea, particular, ideal to be placed on a small table, bedside table, or to be used as a centerpiece.

Sacchettino "Primavera"

Gift ideas: here is a very special gift. jute bag with fresh flowers.
Compositions of red roses, tulips, freesias, hyacinths available in various colors.
All bags are of natural material, cut and sewn by hand.
Various sizes are available 12 cm, 16 cm, 18 cm, 22 cm.
original idea, very particular, ideal to be placed on a table, bedside table, or to give to a person during a visit.

Scatole di Fiori

Gift ideas :

pretty and refined simply resting it on an, furnishes , yout the table.

The box contains 9 roses that have been dehydrated and stabilized in order to keep their color stable over time. 

The box is an ideal gift as it does not require water and gives a touch of class to your home.

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