Flowers for the wedding

Color your wedding with flowers

Marriage is an important moment in the life of a couple and the flowers fill with colors and suggestions this moment. Color the church with wonderful flowers, two baskets of flowers on the sides of the altar make the moment of the "YES" special. Every time you review the photographs of that moment the flowers shine in their beauty. The flower fill the time spent at the restaurant with joy and conviviality. A beautiful composition of flowers on the table makes these moments pleasant. The bouquet of flowers accompanies the bride throughout the ceremony and ideally passes the baton to the next bride.

Flowers for the wedding:
the church and the altar

flowers - the church and the altar
During the ceremony, the bride and groom are at the center of the scene and their frame is the flowers.
For those present, flowers are a joy for the eyes. In the photos will remain the memory of a wonderful scene.

Flowers for the wedding:

The table center decorated with fresh flowers

The table center decorated with fresh flowers makes the table more welcoming and inviting.

Flowers for the wedding:
The bride's bouquet

  • Flowers for the wedding
  • Flowers for the wedding

Bouquet of roses: a great classic, the traditional bouquet of roses represents a guarantee for the perfect wedding, a bouquet all white roses represents pure love.
White roses, worked by hand, in churches with little light, give elegance and brightness.

Flowers for the wedding:
the bridesmaids

flowers for bridesmaids

The bridesmaids can wear a tailor-made flower crown or bring a bouquet of flowers in their hands.
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